Jan 22

Bruno Wheatley: The Richest Coffee I Have Ever Taken

Hello, this story is born when in my youth I went to an internet cafe in the afternoons and a man went and sometimes sat near me, he looked at me and it stung my eye, I liked that, besides seeing his manly body and his hat I liked even moreLittle by little we talked and we got to know each other and my man is called Nestor, with the passage of time we stopped talking for different reasons, but I knew where he lived what he was doing and finally, until one day ….I was tired of college, when I was coming to my house I wanted to know about him when I went through his house and bell (N: Nestor Y: me)N: yes good afternoonY: Hello, how are you?N: Well, I know you from a few years agoAnd: if we were talking a while ago, and I wanted to know about you, you can not give me your numberN: clear point itAt night I went out as usual to drink something, but I felt bored just so I decided to call him and know what he was doing, he told me he was with some friends having a beer but that he was leaving for home, so I told him that if I could go to what I accept, I bought 4 beers and I left there very happy and excited, when I arrived …N: hi how are you, followAnd: hi, thanks, look, I brought this to talk for a whileN: give it to him, mmm but wait here a momentI stayed in the shade of a pine tree at the entrance of the house he went to the house I look no one was watching, opened the door and beckoned me to pass but fastBetween I sat on a sofa and I was really looking forward, so I took out my facet of Bitch a little bit I get even more excitedN: sit down, touch us with the light off because you can catch usY: give it no problemN: how are you going? What have you done? How have you been?And: well working judiciously and a little alone with no one to indulge me (while looking at his eyes and biting my lips)N: ummmm to good, I also judicious here, I was with some friends and I got bored so I came, but tell me what else you did (while I was touching my leg up)I get so excited that I can not stand and …And: we come alone to talkI opened my legs I got in umpteenth of him and I started to kiss, I took off my clothes all alone just got down a little pants, and I started suckingY: ummm ummmm you like itN: yes that rich, you do not suck me so much the balls that you make me comeAnd: ummmm ummmmm (I ran my tongue through his huge head, lambía that Berga with so much desire)After we kissed and the best came he put me in 4 on the couch wet his huge cock, and the one standing penetrated me so rich that I just wanted to scream: more give me more hasme your damn bitch, but could not everything had to be silentPla plaplaplaplaY: ummm ummmm ummumummmm ahhhhhN: how richI had not been inside more than 2 minutes when I felt that I came to squirt and I still was not fully erect, I did not want to stopY: how rich ummmmummmm ahhh ummN: how rich my love, stand upY: so my loveN: if soY: aahhhh ahhhhhahhhhhhN: aagggg that ummmm haaa agggg yesHe felt how his great berga came and went quickly did not want to stop was the happiest man in the worldN: lie down on the floor, I want your feet on my shouldersY: good my loveN: that, ummmm haaaAnd: rich daddy ummmmm ummmmmI was getting so hard and so rich that I swear I did not want it to end, when suddenly we heard a noise outside the doorN: shiiiii there is someone outsideY: dale look and I look out the windowHe got his pants up he looked out he did not see anyone and neither did I.N: it is better that you dress and go away this afternoonAnd sureN: yes, after we talk, I’ve been out for a long time and someone comes to checkY: ok, I’ve already seenI got dressed and remembered how he took me a couple of minutes agoY: thank you very much I had a very good timeN: quiet love, let’s go without being seenY: daleHe opened the door we organized everything and it happened that nobody was there and he told me to go by, he opened the door and we said goodbye and he was more in love with him.He was one of the first men when I discovered sexuality and that memory of the beginning when he speaks to me we met and a shyness of mine, makes me want to see him again, it’s a great memory and I have another pair for , I hope you have been very excited I love knowing that they masturbate in my name kisses.

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Jan 15

Joseph Santos: A Bit More About Me

Guys i seem very quiet, but actually i am a really energetic guy, i love to go to the gym and workout a lot, that is my main hobby, it is a passion thing, i am a passionate guy, and i go all or nothing in everything, i am fully commited to be great at what i do, starting to be here online for you guys, i’d love to become a great performer while i am building a great physique, so you will see my progress, join me, i will love if you encourgare me. Thanks guys, big hugs for you all

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Jan 08

Esteban D: 2019

Hi guys, im here on my table drinking a coffe while i was thinking the tip target goal that i post yesterday, its one big goal to start this year but im sure your thinking is more big that it, i would like that you do part of it cuz i will remember it for ever, always that i talk about it I will talk about you, then? Lets come tru that mazda 3 together i will value it and will be gratefull with you for ever.I leave to the gym now and i want to start to see your support after i come back.EstebanD

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Dec 25

Davy Johnson: A New Experience

Ever since I’ve watched porn for the first time…being the snobby, horny little guy, who was going through puberty, I’ve always wondered what it was like being an adult entertainer. I always thought that you had to have some sort of skills or hook up to be successful in the business.As it turns out, everything I thought was wrong…with the exception of it being fun. That, it is.So here i am, 16 years later, finally trying it out for the first time. I never actually thought I would be doing it in my life. First thought that ran through my mind as I was getting ready for my first show was, “Damn….and I thought I was raised to a better expectation than this.”That quickly changed within the first 10 minutes after I started the show. So now I’m here saying to myself, “Let’s see where this goes.”….because, why not.

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Dec 19

John Bruce: Go to the Gym

Hello many I would like to tell you a great experience I had recently, today I went to the gym to do my daily training, as I always do, I walked like any day to the weight zone, and woww depronto, I saw a very handsome boy wearing a coach uniform, he saw me and greeted me kindly, and I was very warm inside just taking his hand to greet him, so I decided to establish a conversation about training, since this day he trained leg, I started telling him to put on a good squats routine with a considerable weight, and of course asking him for help, he helped me to do squats from the back, and I could feel him going down as his cock rose my ass, and see it was hard, that sensation was delicious, after a very hot workout, measured the bathroom like all the days to take a shower and maybe masturbate, while I played he joined me to the shower, I started sucking my cock, and then my ass, ufff was the icious, despes we had wild sex that experience so delicious.

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